Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Operation Write Home!

Hi Creative Stampers!
Today is the day a lot of lives had changed. I can still remember 09/11 as if it was yesterday. Where were you on 09/11? I was at work when I heard the news.
 I had been looking for an organization to hook up with to make cards,  Then as luck would have it I stumbled upon Operation Write Home this past summer, they are a organization that sends handmade cards to Soldiers to send home to their families. What a awesome way to let the Soldiers and their families know how much we appreciate the sacrifice they give each day. I have only sent a small amount of cards for Halloween, I am getting cards ready to ship for Christmas, my goal is 100 cards. Right now I am making the sample cards. Then I will cut and assemble each card separately. I will have help on Saturday. 
They are in need of many kinds of cards, the list of what is needed, guidelines, and videos for those that are new to OWH, are on their web site. What a great way to say Thank You to the Soldiers and their families, who receive a beautiful card with a message from their loved one. You can also send a Hero card thanking the Soldiers for their service .Please check out the web site for Operation Write Home, that I have posted below.
 In honor of the men & women who are fighting for our freedom, please make 11 cards to send to OWH, if you can do more that would be great. 
I love reading comments, please leave me a comment with your thoughts about 09/11, and what you can do to make a difference. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to all who were affected.

 Operation Write Home - Federal Way, WA

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