Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Thursday

Hello everyone
It is finally Thursday. I an really looking forward to the weekend. Saturday is world card making day. I plan on spending sometime making cards on Saturday, I also have a soccer game and it is my son's senior night. Sunday I have all the senior moms coming over to work on the boy's scrapbooks.
I am putting something together I hope you all will like. I am hoping to have the information posted on Monday. Before then I am hoping to have more cards posted tomorrow.
Have a happy and safe Thursday.
Give a smile to get a smile.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Tuesday.

This is another card that I am doing for the cards for soldiers. I saw this stamp and fell in love with the saying. I like to let my kids know that I believe in them. So now I can send it to others so they can let their kids and family memebes know, that no matter where they are they Believe in them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Everyone

Life has been busy. When life gets busy the blog is neglected. I am really trying to get better. Below are pictures of my scrap room, scrap Kitty (BOO) and one of the cards I made for the cards for Soldiers.

Cards For Soliders

I signed up on the Cricut web site to make cards for Soldiers. I have completed my first batch of 15. This is my first card. I am really going to try to get a second batch complete. you will have to check out the cricut message board for the Cards For Soliders. There are some really pretty cards.

Scrappy Kitty

This is my kitty He loves to sit with me when I am working on my cards. He loves my Cricut machine. He will lay on the table behind my machine and sleep. Today he found a zip loc back to lay on. There was one time I had gotten up to get something and sat back down and sat on him, He had jumped in my chair. His name is BOO!

New Scrap Room

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Thursday

Good Morning Everyone. I have been busy making tags for a tag exchange. They have turned out really cute. I will post them this weekend. I have some Halloween cards I will post as well. The batteries in my camera need replaced. Hope to have new ones by tomorrow.

Tomato update So far the lids on my tomato's are tightly sealed so I am hoping when we open the first jar all well be yummy. I think I will just stick with scrap booking.

Have a great day today. The weekend is almost here. There are no soccer games so I am hoping I get to do some cards this weekend. Need to work on Christmas cards.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello Everyone Happy Labor day weekend.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor day.
I hope to post some cards real soon. I have been kind of lazy with post on my blog. I need to get much better. I have so many ideas, it is just getting them going is a slow process.

This is not a card related storey, but I have to share. This is my first time EVER canning. My in laws do it all the time but they live out of state. So I have been making phone calls and looking on the Internet on how to cold can. Well here goes, my husband has a garden (me I do not have a green thumb) He has had the BEST tomato's ever this year. I have been making salsa and the family loves it. So I have decide to can my salsa so the tomato's do not go bad (we have had so many)I decided to do the cold pack, the hubby likes his tomato's whole not mushy. I had everything ready lids on the jars and in the holder ready to put in the HOT BOILING water. Does any one know what happens to a warm jar when placed in HOT BOILING water? Lets I should have known better. No sooner did I drop my 5 jars in the water did two break. Before I knew it my water was filled with tomato's, what a mess. Of course the hubby had to make a joke and I am sure they all will. I have the remaining jars in the new water and so far so good. Keep your fingers crossed.