Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bag Instructions

Hi Creative Stamper’s
I am still working on the video for the bag. I am hoping to have this out as soon as I can figure out what I am doing.  
Step one: two sheets 12x12 card stock, scored on 3 sides @ 3” and then the top of your bag is scored @ 2” (the 2” will fold the opposite of the 3” sides).
Step two: on one 12x12 cut out the corners of the 3” score on the bottom, the other cut two vertical slits on the 3” score line at the bottom.
Step three: cut a piece of cardboard or card-stock for the bottom of the bag.
Step four: take the 12x12 sheet that has the flap (corners cut out), lay your back outside facing up. Take the card board and glue it to the flap (again the outside of the bag).
Step Four: take the other 12x212 with the two flaps; turn both sheets with the inside of the bag facing up. The one take the piece with the single flap and glue two the other piece (you should not see the card board) Add glue to your flaps and sides.
Remember the 2” score is folded opposite than the 3”
I hope all this makes sense. I am hoping to have the video up and running soon.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the video (or at least the finished product). :-)