Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Video

Hi Creative Stampers,
I should have another video posted before the weekend. My goal to start is once a week, & hope to increase as I get better with time. 

My son is leaving on Monday and will be gone for three months. He is going to France for 3 weeks to visit with family,  then doing a study abroad in Italy, he will be there for 8 weeks and back to France for 2 more weeks. While he is in Italy he will have 3 free weekends and will be going to Greece and Ireland. I am really proud of him, This is something I would never be brave enough to do. He is 19; we have always know that he would travel. When he was 14 he spent two weeks in California working with a Land preservation group.
I know I will be crying like a baby all weekend.

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