Friday, May 11, 2012

Wow! 100 wedding invites are done.

Hi Creative Stampers
I am finally done with my daughters wedding invitations. I started to where I only thought I needed 80 well then the kids came over and said oh by the way we did not give you the whole list, then there was 90, then as we are going through checking the invites, I realized in all the hurry I left off 10 more, well luckily when I had to add her other I made a few extra, so today I was finishing up the last 10.  I will be taking them to the post office today.
I have to share this storey about the bride, she is not a bridezella, however she thinks everything needs to be done for her; for example, calling everyone, making the appts, ect.....  she did not even help with the invites, at her bridal shower I asked her to put something on one of the tables, she looked at me and said i am the bride have someone else do it, she is more like a princess than a bridezella, the future hubby will do everything for her. Any way last night I pulled a little joke on her, I told her that it was good luck for only the bride to seal the wedding invitations, not the parents or the groom. It was great watching her face as she licked each one (I told her she could not use a sponge either). She kept saying I think you guys are messing with me, well we were and it was nice watching her do something for once.
I will have the invitations posted soon. The only thing is the paper was not stamp in up paper, I had order this back in January before I started selling. The stamp on the inside is.
Hope you are having a creative day.

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